Vision, mission and values



Our vision is: Any business can be better

Effective Business Solutions was born out of its founder’s passion for business. 

„In my long business experience, I saw so many companies and so many situations when a business can be improved, that I firmly believe that in any company, even in the most advanced one, there is always room to do things better and to maximize performance. This is the exact same experience that I want to share with our customers.”

Andreea Pirvu


Our mission is to give all companies the possibility to attain a performance level that was so far only accessible to top-tier international companies, by putting together the companies’market experience with the international and professional business know-how of Effective Business.

„I believe this combination is the winner solution for the companies which want to reach their real potential. And our work experience, professionalism and our constructive approach are meant to ensure that our clients enjoy consulting services that are both cost efficient and providing optimal results.”

Andreea Pirvu



Our values are:

  • Correctness: we will have an open and honest communication with our customers, so they will know that they can always count on us for their projects
  • Promptness: we will provide best efforts to deliver our projects on time, respecting the agreed deadlines
  • Quality of service: we will always supply services at the highest professional standards
  • Business ethics: we will perform our activity and supply services to companies and entrepreneurs only by respecting the business ethical standards.