"Our collaboration with Effective Business helped us improve our performance monitoring and identify the best ways to increase our operating efficiency. We have appreciated the seriousness and professionalism that the company has proved during our collaboration and we are considering new projects together in the future."

Name: Ovidiu Gligor

Position at the time of providing the reference: Shareholder and Administrator Clinica Polisano, Sibiu


"Dear Andreea,

The dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism which you have proven over this year honors us and equally represents an important contribution to Polisano’s vision for the future. We thank you for your involvement in our development projects"

Name: Octavian Iacob

Position at the time of providing the reference: General Manager Polisano, Sibiu


"We thank Effective Business for its professionalism, seriousness and commitment. The collaboration with Effective has helped us optimize our operations, increase our financial performance and develop our emplyees. In the future we intend to use again the expertise of Effective Business."

Name: Olimpia Enache

Position at the time of providing the reference: Chief Operating Officer Regina Maria, Private Healthcare Network, Bucharest

„Andreea has a strategic, but also operational / analytic vision, being able to go into the smallest details if necessary. With very good specialty know-how and equally good execution capabilities, Andreea is a key member of the team, both in the investment process and in the company development process. Focused on efficiency and results, Andreea is an action-oriented professional whom you can rely on and a trustworthy partner for any company.”

Name: Sebastian Tcaciuc

Position at the time of providing the reference: Director Advent International and Board Member Ceramica Iasi