Financial counseling


What is the purpose of financial counseling?

Financial counseling will help you:


How can Effective Business help me improve my company through financial counseling?

Effective Business Solutions can support you with all dimensions of the financial conseling by:

Financial reporting and analysis

Business financing

Asset & liability optimization

Mergers & acquisitions advice

Investment assessment and monitoring


What is the experience of Effective Business in this area?

The Effective Business team has a significant experience in this field, having been involved so far in over 80 projects of merger & acquisition, financing, assessment, monitoring, asset & liability optimization, with values ranging between EUR 1 million up to 500 million.


How can I obtain more concrete information and price quotes?

It would be best to use the contact coordinates from the Contact section. According to your business specifics and needs, we will identify which services suit you best, we will be able to offer concrete examples on how we can help you develop your business and we can agree on an optimal fee for your projects.